Hello friends, I want to play a game

so, as you might’ve noticed I like to experiment. A lot of what I do on twitter is experimenting. not like consciously, mind you. just like trying shit out and seeing what happens. it comes from a “what happens if i do this?” mentality. i wanna be surprised, proven wrong, learn something. i think it’s because when i was v young (15? 12?) i read a book on darwin and was fascinated and decided i wanted to be a scientist. have been trying shit ever since. and, what is more, i also think that’s how the human brain/ns/body-mind naturally works, unless you got it fucked (most do). meditation, imo, is just unfucking this. getting it to work properly again. am i saying the human brain is effectively running the scientific method all the time, by default? yes. you can look into predictive processing in cognitive science for an expansion on that. thing is you can run it at multiple levels with each level feeding into the next and then you can get it twisted. untwisting it makes you really powerful - enlightned, genius, saint, etc.

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